HandWriting Workbook for Pre K and Kindergarten

HandWriting Workbook for Pre K and Kindergarten

I packed 10 dot2dot exercises and 26 letters into my lowercase handwriting workbook that is available on amazon.com (and other marketplaces like CA, UK, AU):


Introduce the world of letters for little writers!

Recognise letters and learn to write while tracing shapes and letters. These animal friends will help you connect letter shapes with sounds.

  • 10 pages of pen control practice (dot2dot pages)
  • 52 pages of letter tracing

Fun way to introduce letters, lettersounds, phonics and lettershapes!

  • Colour in the letter’s character first.
  • Then follow tracing instructions to remember the letter.
  • 26 lettersounds: each letter is an animal

Start learning the alphabet today!

  • a is for alligator
  • b is for bee
  • c is for cat
  • d is for dinosaur
  • e is for elephant
  • f is for fox
  • g is for giraffe
  • h is for horse
  • i is for iguana
  • j is for jellyfish
  • k is for koala
  • l is for lion
  • m is for manta ray
  • n is for numbat
  • o is for owl
  • p is for panda
  • q is for quail
  • r is for rabbit
  • s is for swan
  • t is for tucan
  • u is for unau
  • v is for vulture
  • w is for worm
  • x is for x-ray fish
  • y is for yubby
  • z is for zebra


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