Free Coloring Activity Printable Pages aka Friday Freebies:

Free Coloring Activity Printable Pages aka Friday Freebies:

I’m creating a new series (for personal or classroom use – strictly not for selling).

I plan to publish a new series: free Friday Freebies (Coloring Activity Printable Pages) for my followers on this blog every week. I create cute hand drawn pages using my ipad and an apple pencil (and an app called procreate).

You will find from week to week: coloring pages, dot 2 dot pages, pen control activites, color by numbers… let me know if I don’t think of anything fun. I will try to reflect on the week (Holidays, Special Dates, Seasons…) or in advance, to the upcoming week.

I might ask for your help from time to time during the week. Hopefully it won’t be a last minute Thursday night scream 😀 Follow me on instagram and watch out for the question stickers in my stories.

I’m going to share these free Coloring Activity Printable Friday Freebie links in my instagram stories (you will be able to download from my gumroad page –

Examples from the pages (scroll for a list of links):

A list of the links (I’m going to be updating this post every Friday foreverrr):






Week006 (work in progress)

Week007 (work in progress)

Week008 (work in progress)

Week009 (work in progress)

Week010 (work in progress)

Week011 (work in progress)

Week012 (work in progress)

Week013 (work in progress)

Week014 (work in progress)

Week015 (work in progress)

Week016 (work in progress)

Week017 (work in progress)

Week018 (work in progress)

Week019 (work in progress)

Week020 (work in progress)

I hope these little freebies will help you spend special moments with your family.

You can also find some of my previous coloring pages on TheBestIdeasForKids blog. I loved working with Kim. And we created some sets for each Holiday, Season…

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