Halloween Paper Bags – Free Printables

Halloween Paper Bags – Free Printables

It’s our first proper* Halloween in the UK and still, it’s not going to be a real one this year (because of 2020). But we’ll visit a Pumpkin Patch next Monday and carve pumpkins and decorate the house. I’m experimenting with a not too sugary, agar-agar based zombie bear jelly candy. We still can find so many things to do. But not sure we will go Trick or Treating as we planned.

I’m not encouraging my readers to go and Trick or Treat like you did last year, as it’s not recommended to grab sweets from the same cauldron. I found this article that I recommend to read: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54180119

The second thing I would recommend is what we are going to do. I will prepare little treat bags and place some in front of our house with a sign that says: “Don’t wake our demons” – our dogs, as they go mad if there’s someone at the door knocking. I’m not sure if anyone will notice us at all, as our house is the last one in our street and a bit behind other houses. We’ll see 🙂

I have two printable pdf files if you want to prepare treat bags:

There are two bag designs: a monster and a cat 🙂 Please tag me on instagram or facebook if you make them, I would love to share it.

Have a nice Halloween Everyone!

*coming from a country where Halloween is not a typical holiday

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